White Wines

2015 Pinot Gris

Simply refreshing the medium bodied Pinot Gris has a nose of creamy banana, stonefruit and citrus blossoms. The palate continues with lime, banana and white peach.

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2015 Estate Dry Riesling

This wine glimmers with a soft green hue. The nose is filled with apple and a sweet spring bouquet lemon blossom, geranium and sweet pea. Tart with acidity it balances luscious fruit flavors of nectarine and melon.

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2015 Gewurztraminer

Highly aromatic with a heady floral bouquet. The palate is rich in tropical fruit of grapefruit, lychee, and pineapple. A higher acidity balances it all out.

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2013 Dessert Riesling

With a 12% residual sugar the Late Harvest Riesling is bursting with fresh stonefruit flavors of peaches, apricots, and nectarines! The perfect treat when you want something sweet.


Red Wines

2011 Estate Pinot Noir

Smooth and suave, this elegant Burgundian style Pinot is both earthy and full of bright red fruit like cherries, dried cranberries, and raspberries.


2012 Estate Pinot Noir

Rich in flavors of plump cherry fruit this robust Pinot is a perfect accompaniment to your darker meat dishes and charcuterie plates. Baking spices thrill the back of your palate with this California style Pinot.


2013 Estate Pinot Noir

With notes of bing cherry and spices of sassafras and licorice our 2013 Pinot is true to its terroir.


2013 Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

The Anderson Valley Pinot has pleasant notes of bright red cherry and cola with an undercurrent of sweet earthy spices like licorice and sassafras.


2013 Lautrec Pinot Noir

This handcrafted Pinot Noir is sourced from the "Deep End" of the Anderson Valley. It is a lovely wine with layers of bright cherry, vanilla, and earthy spice.


2013 Oppenlander Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is sourced from the Oppenlander Vineyard closer to the coast. With more marine influence this wine is bright and sporty full of sweet red cherry notes.